easy ways to stay motivated on your cleanse this year

5 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated on Your Cleanse

Keeping a New Year’s Resolution can be tough. Learn 5 easy ways to stay motivated on your cleanse this year, and simple tactics for staying on top of your game.


5 easy ways to stay motivated on your cleanse

Remember, first and foremost, just how important you are. You are worthy of change, you are worthy of healing, and you are worthy of the greatest life you can imagine.


1. Remember why you started your cleanse.

Whether you are adding foods or supplements in, or eliminating a specific food group, know that you are supported in whichever decision you are making. Come back to the reason why, and meditate on this 5 minutes per day to make sure it is still in alignment with you.

2. Find a friend you can do the cleanse with.

If you can’t, see if there is someone you can share your experiences with and ask for support from. They don’t have to know what you’re doing or even understand it, but hearing encouraging words from a loved one can be the most uplifting experience in this time of change.

5 easy ways to stay motivated on your cleanse

3. Create a blog or journal about your experience.

The more people know, the more accountability it produces. When others know of your healing journey, they are more likely to ask you about it. Feel free to express yourself openly with where you are, assuming you are in a safe environment.

4. Schedule in time on your calendar to uphold your cleanse.

If you like to plan out the night before, or you like to book your calendar a month in advance, carve out the time to write in (or e-schedule it) the time it will take you to uphold your cleanse.

Whether that’s budgeting in an extra 20 minutes in the morning to make breakfast and prepare your lunch, or adding in a half hour a week to research new recipes, pencil it in. And then keep to your schedule.

Making yourself a priority will help reinforce it in your subconscious mind that, hey, guess who’s important? That’s right, you.

Will you try any of these techniques for your new year’s resolution? If you’re already holding strong on your cleanse, what are you doing to keep it up?
Let me know in the comments below! And share with your friends.


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