underlying causes of allergies

The underlying causes of allergies & how to heal

Have seasonal or chronic allergies? I understand how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be. Read on to learn the underlying causes of allergies & how to heal for good.


the underlying causes of allergies & how to heal

No two people are exactly alike. While these are a list of some of the potential underlying causes of allergies, an individual may have one or any combination of these issues going on simultaneously.


1. Lymphatic System Overload

The lymphatic system is responsible for flushing out toxins in the body and maintaining overall health.

When the lymphatic system is in “overload,” the body can hold onto these toxins as it slowly works its way to heal itself.

Often this appears as water or fluid retention in the body, tumors, or enlarged or sore lymph nodes.

If this is the case, a cleanse to heal your lymphatic system is in order.

underlying causes of allergies & how to heal for good

2. Liver Overburdened

The liver is ultimately responsible for storing glucose and filtering out harmful substances in the body.

However, sometimes the liver becomes overburdened through our lifestyle choices and environmental toxins.

When the liver is “backed up,” this can result in physical discomfort like acne, or emotional outbursts of anger.

If this is the case, it’s important to work on healing and detoxing the liver.

underlying causes of allergies & how to heal for good

3. Old, stored emotions.

Believe it or not, old stored emotions can be a cause of allergies as well. If something happened to you in the past in which you had an emotional reaction to while eating, you may develop allergic symptoms to this particular food.

This can also happen if you suppressed these emotions (for example, you felt anger and when someone hit you, but you were too bewildered to react).

If this is the case, it’s important to have these old, stored emotions cleared through energy work.


underlying causes of allergies & how to heal for good

4. Toxic buildup in your system

It’s virtually impossible to have an absolutely pure system in the current age. Even if you grew up eating 100% organic foods, there are still environmental toxins to consider – like the air we’re breathing and the water we are drinking.

If you drank alcohol in the past, or do now, it’s adding toxic chemicals to your system. Likewise with recreational and prescription drugs.

And even if you are eating 100% organic, there can still be some chemicals in your food. Considered less harmful than the typical pesticides and GMO ingredients, some ingredients do still make the cut into our food.

Far too many of us have pesticides in our system – from eating conventionally or being in environments that spray pesticides. We don’t simply breathe it – they enter our system until we can filter them out.

Detoxing from pesticides can bring much more harmony into your life, and can reduce allergy symptoms.

underlying causes of allergies & how to heal for good

5. Harmful pathogens

Viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens can wreak havoc in the body. They break down the body’s systems and weaken immunity, to the point where the body begins to suffer. The result? Allergy symptoms.

While you may have one or more of these issues going on, it’s important to remember that you can heal. This information is here to help empower you so you can move towards a fuller and healthy life for you and your loved ones.


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