how to make delicious vegan milks

How to make delicious vegan milks

Ever wonder how to make vegan milks? Maybe you’ve bought some before, or maybe you’re a new vegan, or maybe you would like to try something different! Today we’re diving into how to make delicious vegan milks.

how to make delicious vegan milks

What made me turn to homemade vegan milks? Well, after visiting an organic restaurant in St. Pete that used homemade organic almond milk in their smoothies – I knew right then and there that the best vegan milk is homemade, raw, and organic.

Unfortunately that restaurant is no longer in existence! But my lesson was clear: eventually make homemade vegan milk.

Try as I may, the recipes seemed too difficult. And when I found easier recipes, I needed an expensive blender I didn’t have!

After months of saving, and then buying the Vitamix on sale, I finally bought my dream blender. However, you do NOT need a Vitamix to make this delicious milk. All you need is any working blender or food processor, your favorite nuts, a nut milk bag, and some water.

How to make delicious vegan milks

How to make delicious vegan milks:

1 cup of your favorite nuts, soaked in water overnight

2-3 cups water


Blend together on the highest setting for a minute or two (if you do not own a high speed blender, then blend longer). When finished, use a large pitcher, glass, mason jar, or bowl to strain the milk.


Holding the bag over your container, pour the milk into the nut milk bag. Once the liquid has passed through, squeeze the milk bag until the rest of the liquid comes out.


You have ready-to-drink milk in under 5 minutes!


If you’d like your nut milk sweeter, you can add honey or dates to sweeten.

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