How to juice when you don't have a juicer

How to juice when you don’t have a juicer

Does it seem like everyone you know is juicing? This trend has been going on for roughly the past ten to twenty years in the uber trendy workout crowds, along with the revolution of kale, and then kale chips, and then sprouted sunflower crisps and gluten-free, almond-flour wonders… you get my drift.

In this ever-growing trend of juicing (it doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon), I’ve decided to help you guys out and let you in on a little known secret: you don’t have to own a juicer to start juicing. Today we’ll learn how to juice when you don’t have a juicer.

I’m going to preface this post by saying… I used to make fun of these people. These strangers who seemed like aliens who did yoga every day, drank green juice, and ate super alkaline, ahem, I mean healthy foods. It seemed like that’s all they did – all day, every day.

And then… I became ‘these people’.

Slowly but surely, I have converted to one of them. I didn’t just take yoga classes, I became a yoga teacher. I didn’t just drink green juice – I now make many juices at home. I haven’t jumped on all the wagons quite yet – I don’t do barre, or spin classes, or even hot yoga (heaven forbid!), but I do what makes me feel the best.

Why? Because I’ve gone to the extremes, I’ve felt the lowest in my health (both physically and emotionally) time and time again in my life.

The best parts of life happen when you hit those extraordinary highs. They happen when you are doing something really fulfilling that lights up your whole being. Your heart feels like it’s going to explode, your smile can’t be erased, and the amount of joy can be felt by anyone who comes near you. Have you ever had that experience?

How to juice when you don't have a juicer

I’m on a path to create my life so that every single aspect of it brings me the utmost amount of joy, every moment. This is where juicing comes in. My body just loves it. Yes, some days it feels like a chore, but my body thanks me for it over and over again. So it’s something I like to keep to (no matter what the haters say).

Whether you are new to juicing (or new to doing it yourself), or you’re curious about ‘dipping your toe’ into the juicing habit, that’s totally fine! You don’t have to go to an expensive juice bar and pay $14 for a juice. You can do it right at home with what you’ve got.

How to juice when you don’t have a juicer:

  1. Choose which fruits and/or vegetables you’d like to juice

  2. Whip out your blender (any blender will do, but the higher the speed, the better the juice quality – namely, because you’ll get more juice out of it)

  3. Chop, peel, seed anything you don’t want to taste in your final juice. This would include things like apple seeds and cucumber peels – these can taste quite bitter.

  4. Throw everything into your juicer. If you have a high speed blender like Vitamix, you may be able to get away with not adding any liquids into it. Otherwise, throw just enough water in it to get everything going.

  5. Strain your juice. For this, you can use a regular strainer, or a nut milk bag. The strainer or bag will catch the pulp (some people like to drink this, too!).

  6. Enjoy!


Using a blender rather than a juicer is a great way to try out juicing to see if you really like it. And that way, you can decide if you want to invest in a juicer.

I hope this post helped you learn how to juice when you don’t have a juicer! If it did, let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time,

Katy, The Detox Gal™


    1. Hi Myra! You’re right – with celery and a regular strainer it can get tricky. I recommend purchasing a nut milk bag and straining through the nut milk bag. Those are about $5-$10.

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