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How to Create a Nourishing November for Your Family

November is all about holidays, family time, prepping for Thanksgiving and trying those new recipes 3 times, not shaving, and more. But what if we did something different? What if we made November all about nourishment? I’d like to introduce the new: Nourishing November!


What is Nourishing November?

It’s a time to reconnect with yourself. The temperature is cooling down, which may mean more time spent inside. This gives you a chance to nourish your hobbies.

Is there something that you’ve been putting off a while? Maybe it’s an art project, or a home project. Maybe it’s simply giving yourself a nice bubble bath, or exchanging foot massages with someone in your home. Turn this time into something nice.

How can you nourish yourself?


What is your body craving this season? If you tune in, what is it asking for? Is it asking for that butternut squash soup? Some blueberry pie? Some nice hot cocoa? Orange juice? Watermelon Sorbet, even?

I’m not talking about unhealthy cravings that you know will make you feel worse. I’m talking about that faint voice that, when you listen, will feel happy and nourished.

nourishing november

Catch up on Sleep

The sun is setting earlier now, so why not catch up on some sleep? Try going to bed an hour earlier, and see what happens. If you are feeling groggy in the morning, try going to sleep two hours ahead of time. Notice how you feel in the morning.

What if you continued this long-term? Would your body then finally have the rest it needs in order to catch up on some long overdue healing time?

Lower Stress Levels

What’s making you feel stressed? Sometimes it’s work, sometimes it’s that the house isn’t clean when you come home, sometimes it’s your kid. What is it? Take some time to deep dive and narrow in on one thing.

When we take the time to work just one thing out, it’s amazing how the rest of our lives will begin to organize itself out.


If walking or going outdoors is out of the question this month, why not try stretching some? If you stretch ten minutes in the morning, and ten minutes before sleeping, you might be surprised with the results.

nourishing november


Massage is one of the time-tested feel-good activities you can treat yourself to. Even if it’s not in your budget, you can certainly pair up with a family member or friend.

The yogis recommend that every couple takes a turn massaging the other person’s feet every single night. 30 minutes per person. Can you imagine how much happier we would all be if we all received a 30 minute foot massage every night?

I’m going to leave you to it… let me know how your Nourishing November goes in the comments below!


Katy the Detox Gal™

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