why having plants indoors is a good idea

Why having plants indoors is a good idea

Did you know that studies show that indoor air quality is often far worse than outdoor air? If you find yourself wondering, “How can this be?” you’re not alone.

Many of us, especially those of us with chronic allergies, weakened immune systems, and multiple chemical sensitivity, believe that if we stay indoors then we are exposed to less bacteria, which is good, right?

Not so fast. Studies actually show that when we are exposed to less bacteria, we are more prone to infections and overall chronic illness.

why having plants indoors is a good idea

It’s been shown that kids raised on a farm, surrounded by dirt, mud, bugs, and animals, have stronger immune systems than city folk. They’re constantly being exposed to all kinds of bacteria, and yet, they’re healthier.

Now, is this because they are exposed to more bacteria, thus developing a stronger immune system, or does it have something to do with the high amounts of exposure to environmental toxins while living in the city?

I’d dare to venture that it’s probably a combination of both.

Some of us have heard of this, and have been putting this off for a while. Others say, eh? Indoor air quality? Does this mean my air quality is bad?

Well, yes and no. 

why having plants indoors is a good idea

The difference between indoor and outdoor air

Air is different no matter where you go. It’s different by city, country, and even places within cities. The air in your apartment or home will be different from the air at the park, for example. And the air in a national forest will be even different. You get the drift. We’ll be explaining why keeping plants indoors is a good idea in a bit. But first, the science.

The science behind it

What happens is very simple. In life, we have positive and negative ions. Hold on to your seat – it’s simpler than it sounds. 

We need a balance between positive and negative ions in our daily routine. Too much positive can actually lead to sickness and disease. This is why having plants indoors is a good idea.

It’s actually great to have either a balance or abundance of negative ions. You heard that right. Negative ions are better for us. It’s better quality air. Positive ions means that the air has changed from healthy negative, to a polluted positive. 

Does that make sense? It’s kind of backward. See plants like trees, spinach, bushes, and grass, emit negative ions. They give us more oxygen. 

Whereas electricity and wifi emit positive ions which pollute the air. 

It’s been 30 years since NASA has released its study on Clean Air. This study showed the importance of keeping indoor plants as a means to have access to fresh, clean air.

What can keeping indoor plants do for me?

There are 3 reasons why keeping plants indoors is a good idea.

For starters, indoor plants destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.

Secondly, the plants transform carbon dioxide back into oxygen.

Thirdly, plants emit the healthy, negative ions. Remember, positive ions are those emitted by electricity and radiation in the air; negative ions are emitted by the Earth and help us stay more balanced.

In fact, the greater the exposure to negative ions is, the lower the inflammation. Chronic ailments and aches diminish, mood improves, and circadian rhythms balance out when we have enough exposure to negative ions.

How can I boost exposure to negative ions?

A great way to do this is by keeping indoor plants. Any will do, so just pick your favorites. Not a plant person? Go for a cactus or three – you’ll hardly have to water them, and they’ll do the job just nicely for you.

Another way is to make sure you open the windows and doors often, to let the fresh air in. This will allow the air to exchange so you can get more natural air in, while letting out the “stuffy” indoor air.

Finally, Himalayan salt lamps are a great, natural negative ion emitter. They’ve also been shown to help reduce asthma and allergies, while boosting the mood and improving physical health.

Tune in

Remember, it’s always important to tune in, and nourish yourself. When you’re looking out for yourself, the world is a happier place.

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